The Hardcore Hardware Australia® ASOT-02 is designed asa fast access, multi purpose CQB tool. The distinct bevelled ring design of the ASOT-02 enhances the tool's accessibility and comfort, making it exceptionally fast and easy to draw. This feature also enables transition to a rifle or hand-gun with no disconnection between the tool and firearm. The concave thumb recess at the top of the ring supports a positive grip and the application of downward force.

Unique to the ASOT-02 is its live edge identifier at the three quarter length of the handle. This characteristic enables the user to quickly identify the position of the single-sided cutting edge by feel. Ergonomic, textured G10 scales enhance the grip purchase, and are equally comfortable in either master or support hand.

Personalised mounting is critical for an instinctive and swift Deployment. Therefore the ASOT-02 Kydex® ambidextrous sheath is available in both Molle-Lok™ and Tek-Lok™ mounting options. These can be customised for vertical, horizontal wear. The provision of eyelet holes along both sides of the blade carrier facilitate alternative attachment to the body or gear via paracord or cable ties. A low profile design also allows the tool to be sandwiched between magazine/accessory pouches, or horizontally along the belt line to maintain optimum concealment and retention.

Advantages of the ASOT-02 over conventional blades are its balance, size, versatility and strength. It’s superior power and reliability comes from the 6mm (0.236″) D2 tool steel stock, which can withstand impact without loss of sharpness.

The ASOT-02 is also available as a soft-edge Training model in HIVIZ Blue.

The ASOT-02 is a non-prohibited design; please check your local State laws in relation to edged tool ownership and carry.


Code: ASOT-02
Type: Knife (Fixed Blade)
Point: Modified Tanto
Steel: D2 (BOHLER K110/AISI)
Thickness: 6 mm (0.23”)
HRC: 58-60
Finish: Teflon
Blade L: 100 mm (3.93")
OAL: 197.5 mm (7.77”)
Blade W: 27 mm (1.06")
OAW: 40 mm (1.57")
Depth: 6 mm (0.236")
Handle: G10 (scales)
Grip Screws: T6 Torx
Weight: 120 g (0.26 lb)


Material: Kydex®
Attach: Tek-Lok™ and Molle-Lok™
Retention: Friction Lock
OAL:** 205 mm (8.07")
OAW:** 60 mm (2.36")
Weight:* 212 g (7.47 oz)
*Dimensions and weight of sheathed ASOT-02


See gallery for images. Note colours may vary slightly from those pictured

$ 219.00 AUD