The Hardcore Hardware Australia® BFK-01 Generation II is the next evolution of our original large, fixed blade knife. Every aspect of the forerunner design has been re-developed from the ground up resulting in a true, multi-purpose tool capable of performing the most extreme duties in the harshest of environmental conditions.

It’s BIG and strong for a reason! Every modern day tactical operator, avid outdoorsman or survival enthusiast is commonly required to cut, chop, saw, slash, dig, baton, smash, stab, pry, skin or spear their way to success. The BFK-01 GEN II is powerful yet versatile enough for all these applications making it the essential “go to” knife to meet all your diverse requirements.

The BFK-01 GEN II is finely balanced with its hefty 7mm (0.276”) full tang, D2 tool-steel frame. It features a protective coating of highly wear resistant Teflon, that helps mitigate corrosion and provides low viz concealment.

Its primary edge now has a significantly wider and deeper hollow grind; this makes for better cutting efficiency and re-sharpening.
We maintained the same unique, modified tanto point geometry for its extraordinary tip strength, whilst removing excess material allowing for more powerful and deeper penetration.

The spine has been re-engineered with aggressive straight cut saw teeth for effectively cutting dry and green wood, along with a variety of hard in-field materials. Forward of the hand guard are lashing points for adapting the tool for use as an improvised spear.

Comfort and control have been addressed with a full beveled edge treatment and strategic jimping locations. A nonslip, ergonomic, G10 handle design allows the user to choke up high for delicate shaving, or take a lower grip for more dynamic chopping & slashing. The handle will adequately accommodate a large hand yet also offers failsafe purchase for a smaller web. The pommel is left exposed to act as a glass break, strike, and hammer platform with lanyard point included.

Personalised mounting is critical for an instinctive and swift deployment. Therefore the BFK-01 GEN II Kydex® ambidextrous sheath comes with two interchangeable mounting options. Fitted are two 6-inch PALS/MOLLE Molle-Loks™ and included is a Belt/Strap Tek-Lok™ system. These can be customised in vertical or horizontal positions. The provision of eyelet holes along both sides of the blade carrier facilitates alternative attachment to the body or gear via paracord or cable ties. A friction lock system fastens the BFK-01 GEN II securely in its sheath.

Our BFK-01 GEN II is designed with consideration and purpose, influenced by active duty personnel and those willing to tackle all nature can throw at them.

The BFK-01 is a non-prohibited design; please check your local State laws in relation to edged tool ownership and carry.


Code: BFK-02 GEN II
Type: Knife (Fixed Blade)
Point: Mod. Tanto Point
Steel: D2 (BOHLER K110/AISI)   HRC: 58-60
Finish: Teflon Coating
Blade Length: 172 mm (6.77”)   OAL: 308 mm (12.12”)
Blade Width: 41 mm (1.61”)   OAW: 53 mm (2.08”)
Overall Thickness: 26mm (1.02”)
Handle: G10 (Scales)

Grip Screws: T8 Torx Weight: 484 g (17.07 oz)


Material: Kydex®
Attachment: Pals/Molle + Belt/Strap
Blade Retention: Friction Lock
OAL:* 318 mm (12.51”)
OAW:* *91 mm (3.58”)
Weight:* 638 g (22.50 oz)
*Dimensions and weight of sheathed BFK-01 GEN II


See gallery for images. Note colours may vary slightly from those pictured

$ 385.00 AUD