Developed in conjunction with the SOER, our MFE01 "Rhino" is designed to perform a multitude of applications dependent on situational requirements. Engineered for the extreme end of Hardcore use in MOE/entrenching roles, the MFE01 is the perfect compact all-round utility tool.

The claw at the business end of things is specifically designed for maximum leverage and also incorporates a modified cutting head designed primarily for splitting. At the end of the handle we have a chisel/pry that can be used for typical mid-range field duties. The MFE01 is skeletonized to mitigate weight with medium sized lanyard holes at both ends for the attachment of a carabineer or rope lanyard.

Some of the tasks we expect you'll use our MFE01 for include: prying, digging, chopping, hammering, cutting, smashing rock, as a climbing aid, for defeating locks, smashing windows & windscreens and raking out their frames and as a load bearing device.


Code: MFE01
Type: Utility
Steel: D2
Finish: Teflon
OAL: 320mm
OAW: 170mm
Thickness: 8mm
Weight: 765gm
Handle: G10


1x Speed scabbard - Kydex® Mould
Attachment: TeK-Lok®, Molle-Lok®
Blade Retention: Press Stud release strap
Hardcore Hardware overt carry systems are designed to integrate specifically with most popular assault platforms. We only use MILSPEC fittings and materials in the manufacture of the MFE01 Kydex® molded, speed scabbard. It is designed for operators who require a carry option in a quick release platform. The MFE01 is supplied with Blade-Tec®, TeK-Lok® & Molle-Lok® attachment systems to mount securely in any left/right hand configuration. An adjustable quick release strap with press-stud securely fastens the MFE01 in its sheath.


See gallery for images. Note colours may vary slightly from those pictured

$ 299.00 AUD