What's it made of and why? "Real tools made from real steel" is the corner stone for all Hardcore Hardware Designs. We engineer our tools for toughness so they will not fail in the field when you depend on them most. It is far better to over build than to introduce an element of failure - when lives are at stake there is no compromise.

Our current range of tools are primarily constructed from D2 tool steel. D2 is sometimes called "Semi-stainless" as it has a high chrome content, but is not high enough to classify it as a true stainless. D2 is more stain resistant than most carbon steels, has excellent edge holding capabilities and extraordinary wear resistance far superior to stainless), these factors combined make it our primary steel of choice.

Hardness ranges vary in our knives dependant on the model and steel type. Typical HRC for knives would be 56-57, 57-58 & 59-60. Due to the varied usage of our impact tools HRC range from 50-55. D2 is specifically designed for hard use applications and is employed the world over by tactical knife makers and used extensively in industrial applications namely in high duty cutting tools. We use a proprietary heat treatment/temper process that enhances the resilience of D2 to shock. This process yields excellent performance characteristics in our impact tools whilst maintaining very high wear resistance.


D2 is a high carbon steel and therefore susceptible to light surface rust if left in damp environments for extended periods. All our tools are coated with a matt black or tan Teflon coating to mitigate surface rust. Care should be taken by the user to protect the cutting edge from corrosion. If your tool is kept in storage for long periods or its carry system becomes exposed to water, we recommend that you dry and apply a light film of lubricant as a part of your kit maintenance.